It Starts (and Stays) Local at the Farmer’s Wife

“My mom always said that charity starts in your own backyard,” says resident and business-owner, Robin Mastera. “West Allis is my backyard and we’ve got hardworking people creating amazing products here.”

This “we take care of our own” philosophy has been instilled in Robin since she was a child growing up in the farming community where she learned to can vegetables and stock up for winter, just blocks from what is now her restaurant, The Farmer’s Wife at 6533 W. Mitchell Street in West Allis.

A Merry Menu

Open since 2016, the comfort food pub and eatery boasts a menu of local, sustainable, and delicious staples such as the brunch poutine, chicken pot pie, Kettle Range Meat Co. burgers, fried cheese curds, and more. It wouldn’t be an authentic Wisconsin restaurant without cheese curds, would it?

You’ll also see a lobster roll, shrimp po’boy, lobster mac ‘n’ cheese, among other coastal cuisine to appease the palate of her husband, who hails from a family of dairy farmers on the east coast.

A Welcoming Community

Robin praises the community and city government for being supportive of her opening her restaurant. “They were very helpful,” she says, “with everything including business development loans and being genuinely accepting of different ideas. I felt comfortable throughout the entire process.”

The people of West Allis do their part, too. Her favorite thing about living and owning a business in West Allis is the community. “The people are so kind and inviting,” she says. “I’ve lived here nearly my whole life and raised my kids here. I’m just really proud to be part of the positive changes that are coming to West Allis.”

Home for Dinner

Robin considers The Farmer’s Wife to be a gathering place, where everyone can simply relax and enjoy one another’s company. “I like for people to feel like they’re home for Sunday dinner,” she says. “In my family, if we couldn’t get together any other time, we were always home for Sunday dinner.”

She states there’s more than meets the eye to this city. “West Allis is home,” she says. “It’s hardworking people who just want to do good things. If you look, that’s what you see. You just have to look for the positive. It’s here, and it’s getting more and more apparent.”

Robin and her staff are as warm and welcoming as the environment she’s worked hard to create. Their hospitality coupled with the delicious fare could be why the place is already teeming with hungry, happy people by four o’clock. Fortunately, at The Farmer’s Wife, there’s always a seat at the table.

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